A lot of patients with facial pain are seen by ENT surgeons. Finding out the cause of your facial pain is the most important thing in the consultation. A very careful history of your symptoms will be taken along with a relevant and thorough examination to find out the cause of your facial pain. Sometimes a scan or other investigations may be required.

A lot of facial pain is attributed to sinus disease although this is not necessarily so. If you however have sinus disease, Mr Olarinde will carefully go through the treatment options which are usually non-surgical to start with. Surgery is only advised when non-surgical measures have not relieved your symptoms or not likely to do so.

Facial pain can be due to a myriad of reasons ranging from migraine, sinus disease, tension headaches, jaw joint problems, dental disease, and neuralgias or referred from the neck, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, teeth, mouth or jaw joint. It may also obviously be due to head trauma, vascular disorders e.g. aneurysm (ballooned blood vessels) or loops of blood vessels touching nerves in the head and face. Substance abuse may also cause facial pains. Mr Olarinde will help to get to the cause of the pain by a thorough assessment and using appropriate investigations.


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