Mr Olarinde is an approved healthcare provider for AXA-PPP, BUPA, BUPA International, Aviva, CIGNA, Exeter Family Friendly, Healix Health Services, Pru Health/Standard Life, Saga, Simply Health and WPA, and has agreed on rates with these insurers. You will usually require a pre-authorisation code to be issued by your insurer before a consultation. The contractual agreement for settling fees is between you and Mr Olarinde.

Self-pay or uninsured patients may also arrange a consultation with Mr Olarinde. Fees are split into the hospital’s fees and Mr Olarinde’s fees. Mr Olarinde’s fees vary depending on whether the consultation is a new one or a follow-up and depending on any procedures carried out during the consultation. Fees can be settled by cheque, credit card (2.5% surcharge fee), debit card or BACS transfer. Please contact Mr Olarinde’s private secretary on 0114 321 6522 for a further enquiry about fees charged.

To give you an idea of the costs you might expect if you’re paying for treatment yourself here’s a fees guide. Please note that this is a guide.

Initial consultation£200
Subsequent consultation (for the same complaint or within 6 months of initial consultation)£150


    If procedures are required during the consultation, the following additional fees apply (the hospital fees vary between hospitals and so are shown as a range).

    Body partProcedureConsultant feeHospital feeTotal fee (excluding consultation fee)
    EarsHearing test£75 - £125 - charged by audiologist£0£150
    EarsCleaning of ears with microscope & suction (aural toilet)£120£45 - 90£165 - 210
    NoseRigid rhinoscopy (examination with camera for sinus complaints)£150£174.50 - £215£324.50 - £365
    NoseNasal cautery to stop nose bleeds£150£50£200
    ThroatFlexible laryngoscopy - camera examination of throat and voice box£150£174.50 - £186£324.50 - £336
    NeckNeedle test of neck lump£100£250 - £350£350 - £450