This understandably remains top on the mind of many people when they have a throat symptom. Throat cancer is a loose term that might refer to cancer of the voice box, swallowing tract, back of the nose, mouth or the neck.

A thorough history and examination (and sometimes investigations) is required to exclude this. There are symptoms which should always receive prompt medical attention. These are neck lumps, hoarseness (or any voice change) lasting for more than six weeks, a persistent sore throat, difficulty swallowing, unresolving sores/swellings/ulcers in the mouth or a persistent earache on one side.

Throat cancers are fortunately not as common as cancer in the colon, breast ot lung. Throat cancer is linked with smoking, excess alcohol consuption and in recent years a clear association has been found with the human papilloma virus. Mr Olarinde has a specialist interest in head, neck and throat cancers. He is a core member of the North Trent Head and Neck cancer multidisciplinary team that discusses the treatment of all patients with throat cancers in North trent.

Mr Olarinde will carefully go through your symptoms before examining you. Most patients will require a flexible laryngoscopy to examine all parts of your throat and voice box. This procedure takes place in the outpatient clinic room and lasts for about two minutes. The results are discussed with you after the examination.


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