Skin lesions may either be benign (i.e. not spreading) or malignant i.e. cancer. The common benign skin lesions include moles, warts and strawberry birthmarks.

The common skin cancers include basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas and malignant melanomas. Sometimes skin lesions can be safely left alone but at other times they may need to be removed surgically and examined in a laboratory to be sure about what they are. People with skin lesions that change in size or colour, bleed or ulcerate should seek prompt medical attention.

There are two important issues at stake when removing skin lesions. The first is to ensure the lesion is completely removed with clear margins, to reduce the chance of it recurrence. The second is to ensure that you end up with a very fine scar whatever method is used to put things back together after surgery. Mr Olarinde takes very careful thought about putting things back together nicely for you after any skin lesion has been excised. He is skilled in various techniques for you to end up with a fine scar after a facial skin lesion has been cut out.


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