Outer ear infection (Otitis externa)

Our ears are one of the most important parts of our bodies. They are also one of the most complex, with many different sections and parts. The outer ear is comprised of the lobule, helix and tragus as well as skin and cartilage and can sometimes become infected or badly inflamed. Here at ENT Sheffield, we are specialists in our field and can effectively deal with these kinds of infections.

Causes of Outer Ear Infections

This could be an excruciating condition. Predisposing factors include swimming in polluted water (or even simply being in a humid environment), the use of cotton buds and narrow ear canals. The causative agents are usually bacteria, fungi or viruses.

It is best treated by getting the debris or trapped wax out of the ear (once again with a tiny vacuum) and then using antibiotic ear drops and pain killers. In some situations, the infection may be bad enough to need a foamy splint (pope wick) to be inserted in the ear. This splint absorbs the antibiotic ear drops and ensures that the antibiotic ear drops are in constant contact with the inflamed ear canal skin. The splint is removed after 48-72hrs by which time there is enough space for the ear drops to get into the ear canal. Antibiotic tablets are usually not adequate to treat outer ear infections.

Repeated Outer Ear Infections

Repeated outer ear infections may be caused by skin conditions, allergies or narrow ear canals which are not self cleansing. A careful history and examination will usually help to arrive at this  conclusion. Skin conditions can be treated and allergies controlled. Surgery to widen the ear canal (meatoplasty) may sometimes be required.

Outer Ear Infection Treatment in Sheffield

For outer ear infection treatment Sheffield residents can trust, contact ENT Sheffield today. In addition to Sheffield, we cover Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire but will happily see anyone. Fill in the contact form on our website today to book your consultation to see Mr Olarinde or call us on 0114 321 6522 and get expert treatment for your outer ear problems.


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