Snoring is a relatively common condition. The aim of a consultation to manage this condition appropriately is to distinguish between simple snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

OSA is a medical condition unlike simple snoring which is a social disturbance without any medical implications. Treating snoring appropriately involves finding out the site(s) that are contributing significantly to the snoring and addressing them.

OSA is common in children. Untreated OSA can cause failure to grow adequately, recurrent upper respiratory infections and poor school performance. The commonest cause of OSA in children is adenoid and tonsil enlargement. This makes a tonsillectomy (usually with an adenoidectomy) the commonest treatment advocated for OSA in children. Other causes of OSA in children include a very large tongue or small jaw as in certain syndromes, or anything that causes significant nasal obstruction.

Mr Olarinde will undertake a careful assessment of your child to assess their snoring and decide if there is OSA. Mr Olarinde is able to arrange an overnight sleep study, which your child will have done at home, under your child's normal circumstances rather than in a hospital bed. Mr Olarinde  will have a discussion with you about treatments (sometimes including surgery) that will help your child’s sleeping.


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