Inner Ear Infection (Labyrinthitis)

Ears are a key part of the human body and consist of three major sections - the outer, the middle and the inner. The inner ear is made up of fluid-filled canals, auditory (hearing) nerves, cochlea and vestibular (balance) nerves. The inner ear can sometimes become infected (or inflamed) and cause real problems. Here at ENT Sheffield, our qualified team of inner ear specialists are always on hand to help if needed.

What is an inner ear infection?

An infection of your inner ear can be something which causes real distress. Not only can it leave you feeling under the weather but it can greatly affect your ability to go about your day as normal. But what exactly is an infection of the inner ear?

In simple terms, it is an irritation or inflammation of this section of your ear. As your inner ear controls your balance and general hearing, this is quite debilitating. Problems like this can also be the result of bacteria which makes its way into your ear but usually from a virus you may have picked up.

Inner ear infection treatment in Sheffield

If you live in the Sheffield area and need specialist help with inner ear problems or outer ear infectionsENT Sheffield are the experts in this field and offer a private surgery service for ear, nose, throat and head/neck issues. Get in touch via the website today to book a consultation or call us on 0114 321 6522 to speak with our qualified ENT surgeon, Mr Wale Olarinde.

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