What Common Signs Of Tonsillitis Should You Look Out For?

One of the most common throat conditions in the UK is tonsillitis. The tonsils are specific lymph glands on your neck which help to tackle infection in the body. Tonsillitis refers to the inflammation of these glands and the resulting problems which can occur. The key to dealing with this illness is knowing the common signs of it to look out for, in order to then get the treatment you require. But what symptoms does this infection usually have?

Symptoms of tonsillitis

As with any medical condition, most people with tonsillitis suffer from certain common symptoms. These include:

  • Sore throat
  • Feeling under the weather
  • Swallowing is difficult or painful
  • Sensitive or larger than usual glands in the neck
  • Trouble sleeping

While having these symptoms does not always mean you have tonsillitis, suffering from one or more for an extended period might. If you have suffered from tonsillitis before, symptoms like this mean it may have come back again. If you find yourself in this situation, consulting with a specialist ENT medical professional is recommended.

What treatments are there for tonsillitis?

There are some common treatments for tonsillitis but the best option for you will depend on your particular circumstances. After an initial consultation with a medical professional for example, symptomatic treatment for your symptoms is provided. A course of antibiotics might be advised although most attacks of tonsillitis are viral.

If you tend to suffer from recurrent tonsillitis though, the best treatment could be to have your tonsils removed to avoid future issues. This can be particularly useful if you are missing large chunks of time off work due to being ill. There is the option of doing nothing as your recurrent tonsillitis burns out but many people are not prepared to wait for this to happen as it can take up to ten years to burn out. Some specialists may use a long course of antibiotics in children but the evidence base for this is weak.

By the same token, children who are starting to miss lots of time at school due to this condition might also be advised to have their tonsils removed. This procedure is called a tonsillectomy and should clear up the problem effectively. Some people may also suffer from per-tonsillar abscesses (also known as quinsy) which require the pus around the tonsil to be drained. Anyone who has had this will know that this is a very painful condition. If this happens on more than one occasion, a tonsillectomy is usually recommended.

Help with tonsillitis from ENT Sheffield

Tonsillitis is a painful condition that can cause you to not only feel unwell but also miss time off work or school. Knowing the common symptoms to look out for is therefore key so you can get effective treatment for it fast. If you think you might have tonsillitis or need an expert opinion on your symptoms, book a consultation with Mr. Wale Olarinde at ENT Sheffield.